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Chain Dangle - Tarot Earrings

Chain Dangle - Tarot Earrings

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For the mystical witch in your life, here are the *PERFECT* earrings! Richly colored paper printed in Italy featuring imagery of the Major Arcana from the Tarot de Marseille. Wildly popular in 17th-18th c. France this deck of cards actually hails from Northern Italy. There is imagery from an uncut deck from about 1500, and the earliest known cards still in existence date from about 1650, Paris. Mmmm.. historic things!

We have selected a small assortment to turn into these beautiful earrings. We have paired them together, but if you want to pick your own  - just ask!

  • The World - Possibilities, achievement, successful conclusions
    The Star -  Hope, inspiration, spirituality
  • The Sun - Good fortune, joy, vitality
    The Moon - Illusion, hidden things
  • Temperance - Balance, harmony
    Judgement - Awakening, decision making, renewal
  • Strength -  Power, energy, action, courage
    Justice - Equity, rightness, probity, triumph of the deserving side in law
  • Death - Endings, releasing attachments, mortality, profound change
    The Devil - Fear, materialism, temptation

We can make you earrings featuring any of the Major Arcana featured on the paper, just ask!

Each earring measures approx. 2 3/4" x 7/8" with bronze ear wires.

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