New York City based jewelry artist, Elena Carey Ochs, has been creating jewelry since childhood. A native New Yorker, Elena grew up frequenting the area’s museums with a special passion for historical art. As a child of classical musicians, and a former ballerina herself, these influences are imbued into the Folkloric Jewelry aesthetic.

Folkloric was established in 2013, and in the past few years Elena developed the process to create the works you see today. Using ephemera, resin, gemstones, pearls, and metals, her collection is whimsical and elegant. Each item is handcrafted by Elena, and pays homage to the art, mythology, music, and folklore which continue to inspire her. She sources ephemera from anywhere she can find it, art papers, vintage and secondhand books, antique auction catalogs, and the occasional book found on the sidewalk. Working with paper she is able to translate imagery from an infinite number of sources into wearable art. Her pieces are cherished by collectors, and appeal to a wide selection of customers across generations. 

Elena resides in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, son, daughter, cat & dog. She still visits NYC museums regularly. 


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