A Mother's Musings: Crafting Timeless Gifts for Mother's Day

A Mother's Musings: Crafting Timeless Gifts for Mother's Day

As the proud mom of two incredible children, I often share with them how blessed I feel to be their mother. My journey through motherhood has been filled with exhilarating highs, challenging lows, and at times, the sharp pangs of separation. Co-parenting my son from my first marriage means accepting the reality of his dual lives, a challenge any parent sharing custody can relate to. It's surreal to encounter your ten-year-old at the park, only to part ways afterward. Perhaps I'm sharing too much, but I know I'm not alone in this experience. Whether together or apart, he is always my child, and I am always his mother.

My daughter, set to turn four in June, brings endless joy and laughter into our lives. With her, my husband Mike, and I maintain our little stronghold, always mindful of the balance when Oren is away.

In my work at Folkloric Jewelry, I cherish portraying the bond between mother and child. I'm currently finalizing some pieces from this theme, hoping they resonate with you as they do with me. The "Victorian Silhouette Cameo Necklace" from our Mother's Day jewelry collection captures the essence of maternal joy—a mother lifting her child in a timeless embrace, perhaps echoing the spirit of a lively grandmother. In my case, my children know their grandmother as "Nini," a vibrant soul who prefers being called by her nickname.

This Mother's Day, I'm also reflecting on the profound influence my paternal grandmother, Lois, had on me. A revered Sandplay Therapist, Lois embraced the theories of Carl Jung, creating a magical world of miniatures that helped her patients and enchanted her grandchildren. Her creativity and vision have deeply influenced the aesthetic of Folkloric Jewelry. I've even named a style of earrings after her, celebrating her legacy through my designs.

As we approach Mother's Day, I've been inspired to craft a series of floral-themed jewelry pieces—my personal tribute to traditional Mother's Day bouquets, but with a twist. These are bouquets designed not to wilt, crafted to last and bring joy for years to come. And yes, I am so enamored with flowers that I named my daughter Lily!

So, whether you're shopping for a special mom in your life or treating yourself, I invite you to explore our unique Mother's Day gifts. Each piece is infused with stories of motherhood, art, and history, designed to be as unique as the women who wear them.

Don't forget to sign up for the Folkloric Friends Collective! Not only will you receive a gift card towards your first purchase, but you'll also enjoy early access to new drops, invites to secret sales, and other enchanting perks. Join our community and let's celebrate the art of motherhood together.

xox, Elena

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